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my name is alix. i am a craftswoman and energy healer.

YOKU JEWEL is my line of handcrafted jewelry & sacred oddities as well as the alias for my healing offerings.

i enjoy a slow, contemplative lifestyle between ventura, ca and honolulu, hi. 

i spend my days creating jewelry and sacred objects, giving energy healing sessions and working diligently on my own personal and spiritual growth. 


i've always loved to create beautiful things with my hands. 


while custom creations are my specialty, you may also shop many ready to ship items available in my boutique. I also have a small collection of pieces in stores


YOKU means bath in japanese. i named my line yoku to honor my japanese heritage and to harness the feeling of a sacred bath in each adornment… purity, relaxation, surrender, vulnerability, and peace. 


i am a certified reiki master.

i incorporate gem healing modalities and aromatherapy into my playful practice to assist in clearing energetic blocks to allow the body to heal itself and naturally maintain its balance. each session is specific to what the client needs and provides gentle yet deep energy work for relaxation, emotional relief, manifestation and aura clearing. 


  • aromatherapy 

  • chinese stone medicine 

  • gentle massage

  • reiki & pranic healing

  • cacao ceremony

please write me if you have thoughts, ideas, questions, or dreams you'd like to tell me about.