About a Girl: Camila

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

"A lot of weirdos inspire me. The weirder the better."

YJ: What is your name and where are you from?

C: My name is Camila Guzman and I grew up in Ventura County.

YJ: Preferred pronouns?

C: She/her

YJ: Ethnic background?

C: My mom is American and my dad is from Chile. 

YJ: What did you eat for breakfast?

C: Today I ate homemade granola with fresh papaya, banana and coconut shreds. Yummm.

YJ: What kinds of things have you been up to these days?

C: I've been into cooking a lot lately! I love the creativity of combining colorful foods and flavors. It's almost as if I can travel anywhere in the world through my kitchen.

YJ: How would you describe your childhood?

C: My childhood was spent outdoors mostly, with the regular weekly weekend cartoon watching binge. Every summer was spent at the YMCA summer camp tromping around and screaming camp songs all day. Other than that, my sister and I liked to make home videos and dreamed of being on MTV one day as a music video dancers.

YJ: What do you love most about yourself?

C: What I love most about myself is my strength of spirit and ability to overcome life's challenges.

YJ: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

C: The best piece of advice is from my grandma, "remember to always make time to have FUN!"

YJ: Who inspires you and why?

C: A lot of weirdos inspire me. The weirder the better. I like Dr. Seuss, Salvador Dalí...they're weird with words and art. Athletes inspire me because of the way they can use the body to move through the world. Random people with random skills and talents inspire me.

YJ: Do you believe in magic?


YJ: Do you believe in everlasting romantic love or is that a fairy tale?

C: I believe that romantic everlasting love is ultimately found by loving yourself unconditionally. YOU ARE THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE.

YJ: In what setting/environment do you feel most at peace?

C: I feel most at peace in the garden. Spending time with plants and the little earthling creatures is a wonderful medicine. 

YJ: When are you able to be yourself fully?

C: I am able to be fully myself when I am eating and laughing with my roommates at home.

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