About a Girl: Gabela

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

"I believe it is possible to fall in love over and over again for eternity."

YJ: What is your name and where are you from?

G: My name's Gabela Guzman and I’m from the Ventura/Los Angeles area.

YJ: Preferred pronouns?

G: She / cosmic being.

YJ: Ethnic background?

G: I am Chilean American which roughly involves many parts European and also parts native South American.

YJ: What did you eat for breakfast?

G: Kombucha !

YJ: How would you describe your childhood?

G: I grew up on the northwest county line of Los Angeles and Ventura. I spent most of my time there exploring the Chumash Hills and trails in the Santa Monica Mountains and adventuring along the Malibu/Ventura coastline.

YJ: What do you love most about yourself?

G: What I enjoy most about myself is my ability to make other people feel calm and comfortable to be themselves. That feels pretty magic to give someone a gift of full acceptance.

YJ: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

G: To be grateful for your sufferings, for you will need them... And that earth is a place we come to learn how to manipulate energy.

YJ: Who inspires you and why?

G: Anybody who can channel pain into beauty.

YJ: Do you believe in magic?

G: It’s the only thing I believe in !

YJ: Do you believe in everlasting romantic love or is that a fairy tale?

G: I believe it is possible to fall in love over and over again for eternity. It’s just probably more complicated than it sounds ha ha. And as for fairytales sometimes I feel like I step in and out of my very own.

YJ: In what setting/environment do you feel most at peace?

G: In the sun absorbing heat off a hot rock slab, free-diving, making art, groovin’...

YJ: When are you able to be yourself fully?

G: When I let myself be.


Gabela's Look...

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