About a Girl: Genevieve

Fairy tales and make believe got me this far, why not forever?

YJ: What is your name and where are you from?

G: Born on Guam. Toured America. Landed in Hawaii. Currently of Brooklyn. 

YJ: Preferred pronouns?

G: she/her

YJ: Ethnic Background?

G: Mostly white most of the time.

YJ: What did you eat for breakfast?

G: My favorite! Papaya boat with yogurt and granola. A rare treat, but I have a rad mother-in-law who is willing to ship them to me.

YJ: How would you describe your childhood?

G: I was a latchkey kid of the 90s. I spent a lot of time roaming the mountains looking for newts. I spent the other half reading Redwall. Growing up, the families in my neighborhood each had their own dinner bell. Every bell had its own tone, so you knew who was being called in to dinner. I grew up in a messy household, so I liked sleeping outside. I remember packing a small shoebox full of herbs and sleeping in my neighborhood jungle gym, thinking my owl could reach me more easily if I were outside. 

YJ: What do you love most about yourself?

G: I have a lot of inner resources. It feels like a superpower. You know that metaphor about water washing over rock? I think I started out life as water but have arrived as a rock.  

YJ: Recall a time in your life when you realized something shifted within yourself...

G: I remember standing on this balcony in Atlanta with one of my oldest, dearest friends, telling her that I was going to propose to my partner. I hadn't said it out loud to anyone yet. But as I was talking about my intentions for my--our--life on that balmy summer day, I could feel myself filling with this energy; I felt exhilarated. Before my partner, I hadn't really contemplated marriage, not seriously. Marrying him feels similar to going to the chiropractor for the first time. I just keep thinking, "I can feel like this everyday? What took me so long!"

YJ: What can someone who's never met you learn about you just from the way you dress?

G: I became friends with one of my best friends over an ill-fated brunch because she noticed that I was wearing mismatching socks. I rarely do that now, though I like to think I am still just mixing and matching. If anything, the socks just got more expensive.

YJ: What's one of your greatest goals in life?

G: To publish a novel.

YJ: What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

G: There is no behind or ahead, there's only where you are. 

YJ: Do you believe in magic?

G: I believe in energy and intuition. I also think I'm easily impressed. Additionally, I'm continually inspired by the goddesses around me!

YJ: Do you believe in everlasting romantic love or is that just a fairy tale?

G: Oh god, both!? Fairy tales and make believe got me this far, why not forever?

YJ: When are you able to be yourself fully?

G: I do love my tub. I have a few rituals surrounding bathing in winter, many of them include salts, bubbles, and glasses of wine. That is peak me. 

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