About a Girl: Vanessa

"Be patient, trust your thoughts and feelings. You know what you want and need, don’t compromise that in order to be liked."

YJ: Are you an introvert or extravert?

V: I’m an extroverted introvert. I love my alone time. I love indulging in the weird things that I want to just keep for myself. I also enjoy being around people I love and having moments of social time, but being around others drains me.

YJ: What's your sun sign in western astrology and do you identify with it?

V: I’m a Taurus. And yes I do identify with the characteristics; I love indulgent foods, clothes, and sleeping.

YJ: Do you have a spirit animal?

V: My spirit animal would be a moth. I really relate to their symbolic characteristics of metamorphosis and rebirth.

YJ: What would be a piece of advice you'd tell to your 16 year old self?

V: I would tell myself to be patient, trust your thoughts and feelings. The things you are feeling are valid and you will find a community that feeds your soul in the way you are looking for. You know what you want and need, don’t compromise that in order to be liked. Fuck em!

YJ: What's the last text message you sent to someone?

V: 😍

YJ: What's one thing you used to be ashamed about but are now proud of?

V: I use to be ashamed of expressing my emotions and opinions. I was really distracted with being agreeable so I resigned myself to being passive, sacrificing my comfort for other’s. Now I try to express myself authentically at all times.

YJ: What are you wearing today…. like right now?

V: I’m wearing a red button down with yellow stars, purple shorts and red shoes.

YJ: What qualities are most important to you in a close friend?

V: Communication, honesty, and passion.

YJ: If the feeling of falling in love were a place, where would it be? :)

V: The feeling of falling in love would be swimming nude in the ocean on the hottest day of the year. Specifically the moment when you’ve finally made it out far enough to fully submerge yourself, you’ve adjusted to the cool water, your body is passed shocked and now excited. You take in a big breath, go under the water, everything gets quiet and you swim forward, feeling the current around you gliding by.

YJ: Dream up the perfect secret hide away. Tells us every detail.

V: The perfect hide away would be lying in a field of flowers, far away from anyone else. I can hear the breeze blowing through the flowers. Emilio’s arms wrapped around me and I’m falling asleep.

YJ: Who inspires/inspired you today, if at all?

V: Today I was inspired by the Hawk Moths I’m raising. They emerged out of the ground, from their cocoons with grace and power ready to start the next step. 

YJ: What food or foods have you been craving lately?

V: Ice cream, forever craving ice cream.

YJ: Describe the summer of 2019 in 3 words.

V: Never enough time.

YJ: Summer's ending, are you mad about it?

V: Yes I am! But I’m always mad about that! Hot girl summer for life!

Vanessa is a dear friend and wild womxn. An Afro-Latinx and Ventura, California native artist who uses elements of mythology to explore her identity and personal experiences. Her works consist of figures built from collaging transparent paper, insects, bugs, flowers, leaves while simultaneously playing with body language, distortion, and metaphor.

Vanessa will have an exhibition of her new artwork showcased November 9 - December 14, 2019 at The Basic Premise Gallery. Opening reception will be on Saturday, November 9th, 7-10pm. Feel free to join us! You may follow her work and process on instagram at @livingrelic or on her website.

The Basic Premise

918 East Ojai Avenue, Ojai CA

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