Abundance Potion Scent Roller

Abundance Potion Scent Roller


the abundance potion's aroma is warm and expansive. a spicy and sweet blend, full of magic. yes, just like you.


made up of all certified organic ingredients; essential oils wild orange, frankincense, cinnamon, ginger, clove, and fractionated coconut oil as the scentless, soothing carrier. absolutely no chemicals or unnatural preservatives. 


this combination of oils has beautiful aromatherapeutic properties of attracting creativity, focus and prosperity. the scent roller itself is quite special as well as the roller ball is a tiger's eye gemstone, one of the most powerful stones for attracting confidence, magnetism + abundance.


especially useful before paying bills or whenever feelings of lack creep in. apply daily on wrists, neck and belly to open solar plexus and root chakras and get ready to recieve free flowing prosperity.